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How Positive and effective Strategies can change countries financial conditions

Introductory Stage

In this stage, products still assumes deals in the lower level, as well as the level of profits / gains. Profit will be earned from next level. But Starbucks is positive in this stage Growth Stage / Stage Growth later, either sales or profit upsurges. Introductory stage is simply called as launching the product in markets with new criteria and introducing to the customers, need branding and marketing strategy for sales turnover increase.

Growth Stage

Starbucks considers that sales will rise, marked by the flow in consumer demand for Frappacino- the new development product. According to pay people to do your homework experts after introductory stage, products became popular and peoples aware about the new product consumption. Starbucks new product will be selling higher portion in summer season.

Maturity Stage

Maturity Stage / Stage Maturity will be attained when products passed growth period or adjunct time frame properly used for the products selling as like summer season. After end of summer season sales will fall because this products made for summer drinks and people’s choice and tastes also can be changed. So sales became lower trend. According to free homework answers they will not focus that sales have improved over the summer to winter but they will sell the product for customers demand.

Decline Stage

This phase is expected for any kind of product not important to add in any timeframe or after finishing a season. Every product have some criteria about is it seasonal? Using timeline, expiring problems etc. According to studydaddy starbucks new product they launch for summer after summer season the product faced decline stage because in winter may be product demand will decrease. Due to environmental changes, weather, and the publicity characteristic of Summer New Drink, the sale will go into lower phase.

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How Positive and effective Strategies can change countries financial conditions

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