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Topic: 10 Common Grammatical mistakes Students make while Writing Essay

Mistakes are a part of life and a writer can learn from the mistakes to make future writings better as compared to the past. Humans are known for their mistakes but the best thing about humans is that even after making mistakes they can still make further improvements by learning from their mistakes. There is many essay writer are available on the internet. A strong individual must consider his/her mistake as the first step of success. If you are not making a mistake then it means you are on the wrong path. When you make a mistake then it will show what kind of improvements you can further make in your writing style. You will know that the picture you have portrayed is not as good as it should be, but after attempting it again by using the experience from the past mistake you can show the best picture to your audience. The mistakes help us to clarify and clear the version of what we need to do and how we can exhibit our efforts to the readers.

It is always good to learn from mistakes and to rectify them to make things more efficient. For instance, we all used to write essays during our early school days and we used to make numerous mistakes such as grammatical and vocabulary-based errors. We have rectified them and now we can write our essays in a more composed and proficient manner. Bad experiences teach us to make things better to also be aware to avoid the same mistakes in the future.

You can take help from an essay writer to help you in writing a better essay that is free from grammatical mistakes. These mistakes can cost us very much like it will affect our grades in the schools or will create a bad impression upon readers. Moreover, our energy and all the research work will be wasted. If you are not learning from mistakes to make your essay better then you are heading in the wrong direction. In this case, you are not only wasting your time but also you are wasting the time of the readers.

There are some common mistakes often made by the students while attempting the essay. I am going to list 10 common grammatical mistakes made by the writers while compiling an essay.

1) Apostrophe Misplacing

There is no difficulty in accurately using the apostrophe once we know the reason behind its use. We should be careful when we are writing a word having an apostrophe in it. It is mostly used when we want to make our writing concise like "do not will become don't and similarly would not become wouldn't". We use an apostrophe when we are trying to show the possession and a writer can misplace it while neglecting the possession.

2) Comma Mistakes

We often put commas where it is not grammatically necessary. Commas should be placed only where they are required instead of linking the clause by using a comma. It is the most common mistake made by writers while writing essays. A comma should not always be added to join two different sentences.

3) Incomplete Sentences

Sentences without a subject or verb can be found everywhere in a poorly drafted essay. Mostly, there is not any connection between two dependent sentences in such essays. For instance, “When Ali got into the room. He opened the cupboard”. In this case “When Ali got into the room” is a dependent sentence and it is an incomplete sentence However, it can be correct in the following way

“Ali opened the cupboard when he got into the room”.

4) Spelling Mistakes

It is the most common mistake that is frequently made by a writer while composing an essay. A writer must avoid spelling mistakes and should take help from the essay writing service to overcome these sorts of mistakes and by practicing as much as he/she can. These experts can guide the basic features of a perfect essay.

5) Adverbs and Adjective

A very embarrassing mistake that students can make while attempting the essays is the improper use of adverbs and adjectives. Students make mistakes by using the one in place of the other in the sentences as both have the same functions but are used in their styles.

6) Vocabulary

Students try to add unnecessary words in the sentence to make it longer but in reality, they are just adding up to the frustration of the reader. For instance, “You have been neglecting your water supply bills for the past couple of months which are overdue, and we humbly request you pay them as soon as possible." Now this overloaded sentence can be written as "Your water supply bills are overdue. Kindly pay them now.”

7) Extra Negation in Sentences

Using two are more than two negative words in single sentencing is not a good idea at all. As we know that “two wrongs do not make a right” and this concept exactly applies to writing too. For instance, "Ali doesn't have no friends" Now the correct sentence will be "Ali doesn't have friends."

8) Pronouns Mistakes

Writers mostly make mistakes by mixing the object, reflexive pronouns, and subject. For instance, "Her and her students came over to the cafe." The correct way of using pronouns is "She and her students came over to the cafe."

9) Modifiers

A writer should focus on delivering the complete meaning of the sentence and it is only achieved by using the modifiers. For example, "At 10 years old, my professor helped me to write my essay for a science project." We can correct it by using a modifier like as "When I was 10 years old, my professor helped me to compose my paper for science project”

10) Homophones

Homophones are words that sound familiar but differ in spellings. For instance, “There and their” both sound familiar but are used in different conditions. We should take care of these types of words very sensibly. These are some of the tips that can help you to write a perfect essay

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