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Meet Our Fleet

The Zebra

The Zebra is a powerful herd animal related to the horse. Loyal and intelligent, wild and untamable,  Zebras have enormous self-confidence and pretty much do as they please. When a Zebra loses his temper, even lions have been known to back down!

Our Zebra boat is also powerful but unlike its wild cousin, our Zebra is tame. The Zebra loves to take customers to the reef so they can see the beautiful marine life that thrives there.


The Flamingo

People have long been fascinated with this large pink bird, which is the tallest bird in the world.  The Flamingo symbolizes beauty, balance, and grace. You’ll enjoy your trip on the Flamingo boat, which is also pink.  Flamingos are very social birds, which is why you will find them living in large groups called “colonies”.


You’ll enjoy your trip on the Flamingo boat.  Our Instructors and Boat Captains are very knowledgeable and friendly.  Come and be part of the Wet Set colony!


The Jaguar

A  jaguar is one of the most powerful creatures on the planet.  It possesses massive muscles, great speed, sharp claws  and of course, meat-ripping fangs.  But many people call the Jaguar "the reluctant warrior", for it is not aggressive toward humans, and in fact only kills when threatened or for food.  

You can’t miss seeing our boat….it’s the one with the Jaguar spots!  Our Jaguar boat is quite fast and has good muscles when it needs to. But like the wild Jaguar, our Jaguar boat would prefer peace and harmony with the beautiful Mesoamerican reef.


About Our Fleet

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