The Wet Set Team

Our team members are PADI certified and trained professionals in all aspects of diving and safety. Our Instructors, Boat Captains and staff are trained and licensed by the National Marine Park. Our friendly staff speaks English, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. Contact us for specific language needs. We are proud that all of our Boat Captains are PADI Certified Scuba Divers and Certified Emergency First Responders as well as Oxygen provider trained.



Office Manager and Instructor 

Felicity, "Flix," is our general manager here at Wet Set as well as our resident cave dweller. Nine years ago, Flix jumped into the dive industry right after school, and she has not worn shoes at work for nine years now!  Flix is a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor.


When not keeping us all in line in our office, Flix enjoys showing our clients the beautiful caverns in the cenotes unique to Mexico.  And since she is from Australia, she’s a day ahead of all of us. 😊


Favorite Fish in Puerto Morelos National Marine Park: Drum fish, Trunks, and any type of Ray 




Alex has been diving since high school, and soon after graduation he joined the prestigious Instituto Tecnologico de Bahia, studying Marine Biology.  He graduated with a degree in 2009.  Alex found that his real calling is to teach others, using stories to educate clients about the marine life here in the Mesoamerican Reef system that he loves so much.

When Alex is not enjoying his work, he likes making music, playing both drum and guitar.  He is also a serious Ultimate Frisbee contender!

And near to his heart are Alex’ two dogs: Drako and Runa, both rescue dogs, both about two years old.  

Favorite Fish in Puerto Morelos National Marine Park:   Eagle Rays and Turtles.


Senior Captain

Captain Miguel joined Wet Set Adventures eight years ago.  In addition to his 12 years of captain’s experience, he is also a PADI Certified Open Water Scuba Diver.  With that winning combination, Miguel makes sure that our clients have an unforgettable experience.


Miguel has lived in Puerto Morelos for 28 years and raised his family here.  When Miguel is not working,  he enjoys being a good father and “being very attractive and keeping his beard dyed” (his words!) 


Favorite Fish in Puerto Morelos National Marine Park:  Parrot Fish

MOISES "Pollo"

Boat Captain

Moises (call him “Pollo”) is from the Mexican State of Tabasco. When he was young, he used to fish with his father, using fishing nets as well as standard poles.  When Moises turned 20, he came to Puerto Morelos for a better life and started working as a hotel steward.  Shortly thereafter, he switched jobs to work at the pier in Puerto Morelos. Pollo worked for six years as a  ship’s captain at  an oil company.  He joined Wet Set two years ago.


When he is not working, Pollo enjoys listening to music.


Favorite Fish in Puerto Morelos National Marine Park:  Blue Chromis

Boat Captain

Marcos has the distinction of being the only person working at Wet Set who was born and raised in Puerto Morelos.  He’s been working in the ocean that he loves for over 15 years. Marcos started working in Ojo de Agua as a snorkel guide.  After much hard work, he was offered an opportunity to be a Marine Mate. Two years later, he became a Captain, and worked for a competitor for six years before he came to his senses and joined Wet Set.. Note that Marcos is the only Boat Captain to be without a nickname.

In his free time, Marcos enjoys playing soccer, riding bikes, and taking his daughter to the park.

Marcos loves his job as a boat captain because he really enjoys seeing the marine life.  

Favorite Fish in Puerto Morelos National Marine Park:  French angel fish


Snorkel Guide and Mate


Jesus Alejandro’s nickname is "Wiz".  He was born and raised in Concord, California. Wiz came to Mexico when he was 14, living in Chetumal.  At 16, he started to work as a street clown (YES, REALLY!).  He is adept at juggling, balloons sculpting, unicycle, and street performance.


In 2017, Wiz came to Puerto Morelos to work for his cousin, who owns a snorkel shop, where he worked as a snorkel guide and a photographer. There, Wiz fell in love with the ocean and joined Wet Set over a year ago.


Favorite Fish in Puerto Morelos National Marine Park:  Barracuda


Dive Master


Ali was born and raised in Cancun, together with her identical twin and two brothers.  Ali, growing up near the sea, loved the wonder of watching the water from above.  Then she took a snorkel class, and the “undersea” opposite world has her hooked ever since.  Ali has taken and taught snorkeling for the last five years, and still very much enjoys the marine life and the sense of community she has found among fellow snorkels and divers.


Off duty, Ali is a movie buff, citing The Celestine Prophecy as one of her favorites.  Ali also enjoys painting, using both watercolor and acrylic.  She enjoys painting nature, particularly trees.


And Ali is a devoted Mom to her doggie Ginko. 


Favorite Fish in Puerto Morelos National Marine Park: Damselfish  

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